Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pivot Tables书籍

Pivot Table Data Crunching for Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Excel PivotTables and Charts

Excel 2007 PivotTables & PivotCharts

Sunday, December 13, 2009

- 改变了世界的发明

Using rows and columns for accounting can be traced back to August DeMorgan, a London mathematician in an 1846 book entitled Main Principle of Bookkeeping
Richard Mattessich proposes acomputerized rows/columns system which doesn't catch on because of needed main frame and Fortran programming
January 26,Mitch Kapor releases Lotus 1-2-3
Excel for the Macintosh is released
Quattro Pro is released for the PC, Excel 2.0 for Windows is released
Pito Salas invents first pivot table as Improv for NeXt computers
Excel, Quattro and Lotus are in a heated 3-way race for dominance
Lotus Improv for Windows
Lotus and Quattro release viable Windows versions too late to compte with Excel 5.0 - Excel ships more units than Lotus for the first time
Lotus slips to 20% share Excel has 70% share
Microsoft Excel now supports 65,536 rows
Excel holds 90% market share, but upstarts such as StarOffice 7 offer similar functionality at a fraction of the price

SOURCE: "The Spreadsheet at 25" by Bill Jelen

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The Spreadsheet at 25
Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Learn Excel 97 Through Excel 2007 from Mr Excel

F1 Get The Most Out Of Excel Formula & Functions

Excel for Auditor

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Pivot Table

Pivot table is the most powerful tool in excel. Once you are familiar with this function, it would be of great help in financial data analysis as well as in payroll & human resources management analysis.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HR2000 Payroll software

a very user friendly payroll software, the data can be easily exported out to csv file of which the HR data can then be analysed using pivot table. so far this is the best payroll software for SME I've come accross, it has solved my many headache with its excellent feature of exporting out data into excel format.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Macro VBA

Macro也是另一个快速的作业方法。试用以下的macro程式以便快速移至您所指定的工作表标签“Sales by Local & Overseas":

Sub SalesbyLocalOverseas()

Sheets("Sales by Local & Overseas").Visible = True
Sheets("Sales by Local & Overseas").Select

End Sub

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pivot Table 枢纽分析表 - Excel 2003